Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News and Notes and Thunder

It's thundering outside at the moment, which is really cool except for the part where my dogs will go outside and come back inside with mud caked in their hair. I figured I'd take a moment to touch on a few things currently occupying my mind.
  • With rumors circulating all day that the Dodgers might soon ink Manny Ramirez and Orlando Hudson to contracts in the very near future, the team did in fact complete a pair of signings. That's right; Jeff Weaver and Eric Milton can now call themselves Dodgers. It appears that the focus on scoring runs has been at least temporarily shelved in favor of a newfound focus on losing at baseball.
  • The Mariners are getting their britches wet about the possibility of signing Ken Griffey, Jr. or Garrett Anderson. Now is certainly the time to nab either or both of these guys. Both are youthful, exuberant, and extremely durable. Act now, Mariners! Quickly! Before it's too late!
  • Speaking of Griffey, I am currently staring at a Frosted Wheaties box from 1995 with Junior on the front. And yes, the cereal is still inside.
  • Has anyone seen Ricky Gervais's show Extras? It's really fucking funny and features guest spots from the likes of Kate Winslet and Samuel L. Jackson. Watch it so that we can then proceed to talk about it. I don't think it's airing anymore, but that shouldn't stop you. What would stop you is if you didn't have a television or a computer. Of course that would also stop you from other things, such as 'having fun' and 'being normal.' Freak.
  • So there's a new Mastodon record called Crack the Skye coming out on March 24. I haven't head banged and steering wheel drummed nearly enough lately, and I'm counting on this album to aleviate such a drought.
  • The Brewers have decided to cut ties with Ben Sheets "no matter what" and are currently pursuing the services of free agent righthander Braden Looper. I've created this thought-provoking illustration to best exemplify my thoughts on where this could mean for Brewers general manager Doug Melvin's career.
  • I wish No Country For Old Men could win an Oscar this year, too.
  • Kimmy and I watched TV On the Radio on SNL last weekend. The mixing was really terrible while the band played "Golden Age," but the sound crew must have realized they ruined several minutes of my life and made up for it by fixing things for TVOTR's second song, "Dancing Choose." I'd like to write solely about how much I love "Dancing Choose" and, in a broader sense, how much I love TV On the Radio. Watch this, and if you don't love them too, then I don't know what I can do for you. Other than hurt you, or poison your Campbell's vegetable beef soup. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73qBnuzrjx0)
  • I'll return soon with a much more proper post. Maybe some of you lazy people will even do the same. And I don't want to hear excuses about jobs (Bryan) and kids (Brad) and school (Mandy) and Three's Company-themed sex parties where everyone wears a Don Knotts mask and asks for last month's late rent (Brent). I just want results! Later.


  1. I had the same Wheaties box until we moved a couple years ago. I wonder what the cereal looks like now? It'd be like opening King Tut's tomb.

  2. Did Doug Melvin get a spiderweb tattoo on his larynx? Best MSPaint ever.

  3. I'm especially proud of the ultra-douche flame shirt I've got him wearing.