Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi, my name is Brian and I like soda.

Over the past five or so years, I've made several attempts at keeping a steady writing project going. All of those attempts have failed, whether these failures be gradual or immediate. I've started several blogs dedicated to several different subjects. I've chronicled my opinions on baseball in extreme, painstaking detail on the now-defunct I've bowled a 300 game on the Nintendo Wii. I've eaten a Digiorno pizza. I've strayed far off topic.

Whoa. Anyway, what I'm here to say is that this space is for me to spew my thoughts all over the world. What's going to make me adhere to regular updating and constant dedication? I have no idea. But I sure want to. Something slightly different about this particular attempt at achieving an effective literary venue for myself is that it isn't just for myself. I'd like for this project to be much more inclusive, thus presenting a wider diorama of opinions and talents. I know I can rope a few of my creative friends into participation, and I'm counting on that to push the content here above monotonous and beyond predictable. I'm also counting on that to keep me entertained. I love my creative friends. So before I do anything else, I'm going to call people out. Here is a short list of people whose help I am requesting (more will be added as I think of them):

Kimmy, Spencer, Bryan, Brad, Justin, Kevin, Casey, Mandy.

So anyway, chop chop. Get to it. I know I will. Seriously, everyone, Get going.

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