Sunday, March 1, 2009

Breaking News!

This may not constitute me making another post mere minutes after making my last one, but it appears Jim Bowden has resigned as general manager of the Washington Nationals. Thank God! Now the franchise that formally called itself the Expos has a chance to at some point contend! Bowden has made a career of paying ridiculous amounts of money for players who really never deserved it. He's taken a double fist-pump shit all over the Washington franchise, and it's good to see our nation's capital get another chance as a result of his departure. If he finds employment with another Major League team, I'll be surprised. Things in baseball are gradually getting more progressive, and there just isn't a place for someone with Bowden's complete lack of savvy. More than likely, we'll see Bowden go the route of Steve Phillips and find work as an ESPN "baseball expert." Bowden, like Phillips, flopped miserably as a general manager and has no real qualifications suggesting he's an expert on anything regarding baseball.

Before I go, here's an awesome quote from Washington's newly departed GM: "I have become a distraction. Unless you are Manny Ramirez, there is no place for distraction in baseball."

Well, Jim, I think I know why things have worked out better for Manny. Manny Ramirez is good at baseball. You aren't.

A quick mathematical equation: Manny Ramirez>Jim Bowden.

Wait, here are some more:

Brian Vaughan>Jim Bowden
Desi Relaford>Jim Bowden
Fingernail clippings>Jim Bowden
Bat urea>Jim Bowden
Richard Gere< Jim Bowden


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