Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seeing Built to Spill is...

...amazing. As a long-time fan of this long-time band, it was gratifying to see them perform such quality material at such a high level. My wife and I saw them on Sunday, September 19 at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City. We shared a hell of a time together and saw a hell of a show. Also, the Beaumont Club's honestly a pretty nice little venue to hear music.

Songs I know (for certain) were played:

"The Plan"
"Center of the Universe"
"Carry the Zero"
"Big Dipper"
"The Weather"
"Twin Falls"
"Virginia Reel Around the Fountain" (This song is originally by Halo Benders, another Doug Martsch project, though the Built to Spill version appears on the band's live LP.)

Obviously there were others, and there was one cover song I was not familiar with. It was a great night, though we did have a misadventure through eastern Kansas on the way home. Just one gas station in a 50 mile radius, for God's sake. I'd love to see them again sometime, as I was pretty much floored by the band's professionalism and energy. Doug Martsch's guitar heroics and frantic head-bobbing only served to make me love this band more.


  1. Always happy to see a Built to Spill show. My favorite live moment was having Doug take my request for "Twin Peaks." So good!

    Anyway, FYI, Doug did a song for a small indie film a few years ago. The soundtrack has been out for a while, but the film was just released. Clip and DVD can be found at

  2. I thank you much for this information. And thanks for stopping by! Check back soon, as I intend to post a formal review of Perfect From Now On, which I coincidentally believe to be perfect.